The Best Licensed Property Awards

There are seven different Best Licensed Property awards. These can only be entered by online submissions from this site. Licensor and brand owners may enter as many of these award categories as they wish and enter as many different licensed properties into each category. A separate submission needs to be made for each licensed property being entered. NB. These awards are for activities and achievements in the last year. The only exception to this is the Best Licensed Classic Property, which is based on the licensed property’s evolution over the last decade and beyond. All design/Illustration or Literary licensed properties can be entered in to either the Best Preschool Licensed Property, The Best Children’s or Tween Licensed Property or The Best Teen or Adult Licensed property.

To enter, please use the links below:

Best Preschool Licensed Property (age group 0-5)
Best Children's or Tween Licensed Property (age group 5-12)
Best Teen or Adult Licensed Property (age group 13 and above)
Best Film Licensed Property
Best Sports Licensed Property
Best Music or Celebrity Licensed Property
Best Classic Licensed Property (for a property with at least 10 years of licensing activity)
Best Licensed Gaming property

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